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We May Never Pass This Way Again, Maybe 3/3


Author:  Lady M

Beta:  minx999-Thank you, much!

Characters:  John, Dean (*8 and 28), Sam (*4 and 24), AU Ben Braeden (8); *age during flashback scene.

Implements:  Hand, paddle.

Rating:  PG-13 for spanking and mild swearing.

Warning: Parental spanking of minors. Please don't read if it offends you.

Disclaimer:  Eric Kripke and the CW own all.  I own nothing.

Author’s Notes:  Ben Braeden, from the episode ‘The Kids Are Alright’ is staying with Dean and Sam.  The author chooses not to explain why, for how long or if anything has happened to his mother, Lisa Braeden.




Dean leans his shoulder against Ben's bedroom doorframe.  He crosses his arms in front of his chest.  He crosses his legs at his ankles.  For a few moments, he observes Ben sprawled on the bed.  He grins to himself.


"So why'd you take the Impala, Ben?"


Ben sits up.  He gives Dean his best innocent expression that usually melts his mom.  "You're not really going to spank me, are you, Dean?  You're too cool for that."


"Can it, kiddo.  I invented the con."  Dean walks into the room.  He turns around to close the bedroom door.  He pauses.  He locks the door and pockets the key.  He walks to the desk across the room.  He leans back on his butt.  Palms grip the edge.  "We need to talk about the crap you've pulled today.  You've racked up an impressive list of offenses.  What do you have to say for yourself?"


Ben shrugs his shoulders.


"You've got nothing to say?" Dean asks sternly.


Ben shrugs his shoulders, again.


"Last chance.  Do you have anything you want to tell me before I punish you?"  Dean slowly rolls up his left sleeve.


"I can drive," Ben announces proudly as he kneels up on the bed.


"You're too young.  Besides, Sam doesn't drive unless it's necessary,” Dean adds offhandedly as he rolls his right sleeve up over his elbow. 


"I'm not too young.  You drove at my age," Ben responds stubbornly.


"Yeah, once, and dad made sure I never did it again.  Now, do you understand why I'm going to punish you?"


"No!"  Ben slides off the bed.  He bolts towards the door.  He turns the knob.  He pulls the door.  It doesn't open.  He turns towards Dean, "You locked it?" he asks surprised.


"I know you better than you think," Dean smirks.  "Now, let's get this over with." 


Dean pulls the chair out from under the desk.  He plants his butt on the seat.  He leans forward to rest his forearms on his thighs.  He’s eye level with Ben. 


"What are ya gonna do?" Ben inquires softly.


"I'm going to put you over my knee and spank you." Dean explains.  Pointing to the floor in front of him he instructs, "Come here."


"What if I don't?"


"There's an easy way or a hard way to do this.  Either way you're going to be sitting on a sore behind."


"That's child abuse," Ben crosses his arms.


"You and Sam can debate that theory later.  Right now, we're following my dad’s rules.  You mess up.  You get punished.  That means extra chores, corner time or a good butt warming.  So, what’s it going to be, kiddo, easy or hard?"


"Corner time," Ben chooses.


"We tried that already.  You blew it.  Front and center, now."  Dean sits up straight.  He points to the floor in front of him, again.


"This sucks," Ben states defiantly.


"Yeah, it does, for both of us.  Now move it," Dean instructs crossly.


Ben puts his hands in his front pants pockets.  He shuffles across the floor to the designated area.  His head hangs down.


"Do we need to talk about why you are being punished?"  Dean asks.


"No, I get it.  No driving," Ben acknowledges to the floor.  He makes circles on the carpet with his foot.


"That's part of it.  You disobeyed a direct order not to mess with the Impala.  You bailed after you were sent to your room.  You tried to con both Sam and me."  Dean reaches over to unbutton Ben's jeans.


"Hey!" Ben swats his hand away.


"Jeans are coming down," Dean advises sternly.


"I can do it myself." Ben unbuttons and unzips his pants.  "Uncle Sam said you won't beat me," Ben states quietly.


“He's right.  I’ll never beat you.  But I will give your butt something to remember next time you think about disobeying us.


Dean pats his thighs, "You want me to help you?"


Without answering, Ben steps forward and lays himself across Dean's thighs.


"Are you ready for your spanking?"


"Just do it!"  Ben responds with an edge of stubbornness and frustration.


Dean grins slightly at Ben's bravado.  Lisa, Ben’s mother, had told Dean she would give Ben a couple of swats, but only once in a while, and it had been years since the last time.  Ben’s bottom is about to learn the consequences of a real spanking.  Hopefully it will remind him to make better choices in the future.


Dean holds Ben firmly in place with his left arm resting across Ben's back.  He grabs the waistband of Ben's jeans with his right hand.  He tugs the jeans down to his knees.


Ben's body stiffens in response.


Dean inhales a deep breath.  He raises his open palm.  He places the first memorable swat to the meatiest part of Ben's behind. 


Ben jumps in surprise. "Oww." Instinctively, he reaches back with his right hand to protect his vulnerable cheeks.


Dean grabs Ben's wrist with his left hand and pins it to the small of his back.  He lands another firm swat to the same position.  Ben bucks his hips against Dean's grasp. 


"Settle down, kid.  We're just getting started."


“That hurts,” Ben complains with surprise.


"It's supposed to hurt.  You're being punished for some serious stuff." 


Dean begins a barrage of swats that cover Ben's entire bottom.  The kid squirms but Dean doesn't let up.  He dislikes spanking Ben as much as he disliked spanking Sammy when he was younger.  But Ben needs to learn to follow orders before he seriously gets hurt.  He could have killed himself or someone else by taking the Impala for a joy ride.  Dean puts a little more muscle behind the next swat.


Ben yelps.  He hides his face in his free arm.  He doesn't want to cry in front of Dean but his butt cheeks are on fire.  He sobs, "I’m sorry!"


Dean pauses.  He rests his palm on Ben's behind.  He feels the warmth emanating through Ben's underpants from the spanked bottom. "What are you sorry for?"


"Takin’ the car," Ben sobs.  Warm salty tears roll down his face.


"And," Dean prompts.


Ben coughs and inhales deeply.  He expels the air, "Not stayin’ in my room."


"Good.  We're almost done here." 


With a smooth motion, Dean slides the underpants down to meet Ben's jeans.  He applies three loud swats to each buttock.  The cheeks turn from a bright pink hue to a rosy red color. 


"We're done," Dean states.  He’s given worse spankings to his baby brother, but he hopes this one will teach Ben the lesson he needs to learn.  He gently pulls Ben’s underpants over the flaming buttocks.


Ben’s body goes limp over Dean’s knees.  His sobs continue.


Dean slowly rubs Ben’s back. “You ready for your jeans to come back up?”


Ben nods yes, twice, through his attempts to control his sobs.


Dean uses both hands to gently pull the rough denim over the chastised bottom.


Ben takes a deep breath and holds it.  His sobs quiet.  His breathing calms.  He turns his tear-streaked face towards Dean.  Ben’s forlorn look melts Dean’s heart.  He lifts Ben off his knees.  He hugs him close to his chest resting Ben’s head on his shoulder.


Ben slides his arms around Dean’s neck.  He returns the hug. Dean alternates patting and rubbing Ben’s back for comfort.


Ben hiccups.


"You okay, champ?"  Dean inquires softly.


"No, my butt hurts," Ben rubs his head against Dean's shoulder.


“Yeah, I know the feeling,” Dean acknowledges with a smile.


"You ready to talk?"  Dean asks.


Ben picks his head up from Dean's shoulder.  He looks directly into Dean's eyes.  He nods an affirmative.


Dean gives Ben a tight squeeze.  He lifts him away from his chest.  Dean turns Ben to sit comfortably on his lap.  He guides the youngster's head to rest against his chest.  His muscular arm wraps around the small shoulder.


"Are you still mad?"  Ben whispers.


"No kiddo.  You've been punished and I forgive you."


"Is Uncle Sam mad?"


"No, I bet Sam's okay."


"Are you going to tell him I cried?"


"It's okay to cry, Ben," Dean hugs him close.


"Is anyone alive in there?"  Sam knocks on the locked door.  "Dinner's ready."


"You want to let him in?" Dean asks.


Ben wipes his face with his hands.  He hops off Dean's lap.  His face scrunches from the sting emanating from his behind as he adjusts the material so he can zip and button his jeans.


"Here," Dean digs the bedroom door key out of his pocket.


Ben walks stiffly towards the door.  He reaches back with his left hand to rub his stinging backside.  He unlocks and opens the door. 


Sam focuses on Ben's red eyes and the tear streaks running down his cheeks.  He bends down on one knee to be eye level with the youngster, "You okay?"  He asks gently. 


Ben rushes towards Sam.  He throws his arms around Uncle Sam's neck.


Sam returns the hug.  He gives Dean a surprised look over Ben's shoulder.


"I'm sorry, Uncle Sam.”


"We're good, kiddo.  You okay?"


"Dean spanked me," Ben innocently informs Uncle Sam.  He leans his head off Sam's chest to look into his eyes.


"Do you think he should have?"  Sam asks Ben.


Ben looks at his feet.  He tilts his head over his shoulder to scowl at Dean still seated on the desk chair.  He looks back at his feet.  The scowl disappears.  "I guess."


Sam hugs Ben. "You’re sorry.  You’ve been punished.  All is forgiven."


"All?"  Ben asks ecstatically.


"Something we should know about?"  Dean rolls down his sleeves as he walks towards Ben and his brother.


"Umm, no, nothing," Ben offers quickly.


Dean claps his hands together in front of his chest, "Let's eat.  I’m starving."


Ben eases out of Sam's hug.  He scampers out the door and down the stairs.


Sam stands up.  He waits for Dean as he proceeds to the door.  "You okay?"  Sam asks sympathetically.


"Kid's going to be a real challenge.  Are you up for it?”  Dean asks.


"Sure, Dad did it and there was two of us and only one of him."


"Okay," Dean grabs a pillow off the bed as the two brothers hasten for the crashing sound coming from downstairs.



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